Healing with Manuka Honey

Manuka Honey for Health!Manuka honey is popularly known to be the most powerful antibacterial agent found in nature. The properties of manuka honey are stated to be an essential inclusion in various products. It has been an ideal ingredient in most formulations for quite some time now. Some of the major usage and benefits of manuka honey are as follows:

Mouthwash benefits
Manuka honey is an extremely useful mouthwash technique which cures bad breath. It not only treats the infection but also kills the germs that cause bad breath, tooth decay and gum disease. Most mouthwashes tend to kill the good bacteria that should be present in the mouth. Instead of using such alcohol based synthetic mouthwashes try using manuka honey. Place a teaspoon of manuka honey in your mouth and swoosh it inside for about 30 seconds. The honey will quickly dissolve in your mouth. The natural antibacterial properties will immediately destroy all the bacteria. Bacteria in the mouth are also related to heart diseases at times.

Moist lips
Apply manuka honey on the lips for naturally soft and luscious lips. It also treats the dry cracks on the surface and eliminates any roughness. Manuka honey locks the moisture into the surface layer and does not let it dry easily. Leaving manuka honey overnight will not only soften the skin but will also nourish it well.

Facial mask
Manuka honey is an extremely nourishing natural substance. It is used in most facial treatments and can be easily absorbed by the skin. It is extremely light and mixes well with other ingredients. Manuka honey really stands out as a facial mask.  

Sinus issues
Sinus is caused due to the accumulation of bacteria in the nasal passage. Manuka honey is potentially efficient to remove such harmful bacteria and combats sinus infections. You can always add few drops of manuka honey into the nasal passage and suck it up. This will certainly treat your nasal infections efficiently.

Cracked heals
With the fall or otherwise there are several people who face the wrath of cracked heels. It is often quite painful and can bleed in certain cases. Manuka honey when applied on the surface can sooth the skin and cure it as well. It kills any bacterial deposition that may be accumulated inside the cracks. This also serves as an effective home remedy. Apply this at night and leave on for best results.