Manuka Honey Treatments For Healthy Looking Skin

Manuka Honey Skincare

Manuka honey is being used as a dietary supplement for years however its usage in skin care particularly formulations in skin care has gained popularity recently. The honey was a regular inclusion in skin care regimes during the reigns of the ancient queens and princesses. There are several kinds of honey available in nature however this particular type has the highest level of healing properties. It is a special kind of honey and is enriched in antioxidants. Manuka honey skin care rejuvenates, nourishes, moisturizes and heals when applied on the skin surface.

Scientifically it has been revealed that manuka honey can effectively slow down the signs of aging by supporting the skin’s natural elasticity. Using products based on the properties of manuka honey can not only make the skin brighter and nourished but also improves its texture greatly.

Skin aging can be a result of two possible reasons – chronicle aging (unpreventable) and sun induced or photo induced aging. The key cause of photo aging is the radiation from the Sun. The enzymes within the cell layers get activated when exposed to the harsh UV rays of the Sun. This leads to the decrease in the ski’s ability to form collagen. Collagen is the critical component of the skin which provides strength and resilience. The breakdown of collagen makes the skin to lose its elasticity which accentuates the formation of wrinkles.

Manuka honey plant is said to inhibit the phenolic compounds which are excellent to slow down the aging process. The honey comes in a variety of forms like soap bars, skin, feet cream and more. These products have remarkable healing qualities that nourish and leave your feet refreshed. This provides a supple skin texture with a healthy glow as well.

Those who are prone to eczema, dermatitis or dry skin complications will find active manuka honey skincare a blessing for their skin. It invades the inner layers and ensures that the fibroblast obtains the major benefits of a nourishing skin care. The skin feels moisturized without the dryness and itchiness. Its antioxidant and antibacterial healing properties of the skin help it to retain moisture. The pH level of the skin is maintained at all times with adequate protection against pH rises.