Manuka Honey Popular Ingredient For Skin Care


Natural ingredients are a subject of research and have been used to treat several ailments of the skin and body for centuries. One of the most powerful such ingredient is manuka honey. The significance of the honey has been known for ages. Its efficiency as an antioxidant is gaining immense importance among scientists. In fact, most researchers state that the honey is one of the key ingredients which make the skin supple and radiant.

There are several skin care experts that swear by the honey for its excellent properties. “Its antibacterial nature makes it a right choice for skin treatments”, states a salon expert. The reason that manuka honey became so popular is primarily due to its exclusive skin care benefits. It was used massively by queens and princesses of the ancient times who used natural ingredients for their skin and body.

However, this natural substance started loosing its sheen with the invention of antibiotics like penicillin. The natural substance hence became just a home treatment for various common remedies like sore throat, dry skin and stomach ache as well. This continued till researchers found that antibiotics were resistant to certain antibacterial strains of bacteria. This was when manuka honey came into the scenario which is stated to be the most powerful natural ingredient that can act on such powerful strains of bacteria.

Scientists report that there are super bugs like MRSA which are extremely difficult to treat. However, manuka honey is an efficient substance which is capable of eradicating the MRSA bug. Another aspect of the honey is that it unlike other antibiotics differentiates between good and bad bacteria. Manuka Honey Skin Care is made directly by the manuka bees and is not extracted or filtered by any means. This special formulation is entirely made by nature and is not prepared manually.