Reasons To Purchase Manuka Honey

Buy Manuka HoneyFor thousands of years manuka honey has been known for its antibacterial properties and is infused with healing and health enhancing properties. Honey of certain kinds is more effective than others like the strains of manuka honey found majorly in New Zealand.

This was however confirmed by Dr. Peter Molan in 1981 who is an associate professor of Biochemistry at Waikato University. It contains a very stable non-peroxide content which is not found in any other honey. New Zealand honey has been derived from the manuka tea tree which is stated to be one of the most valued natural resources in the world. This is majorly due to its medicinal properties and an exceptional ingredient for therapeutic usage.

Many reports suggest that the honey has certain unique properties which are found only in this strain of manuka honey. It has been determined that these properties are majorly due to a substance known as methylgloxal. It is distinctly flavored and is richer in taste as well. It is quite dense and is infused with powerful antibacterial and antifungal properties. The finest quality of manuka honey is produced from beehives found in the wild and uncultivated areas with a growth of manuka bushes.

Manuka honey when consumed has the ability to treat stomach infections, indigestion, ulcers, sore throat, irritable bowel syndrome and gastrointestinal complications. It is even efficient in curing stomach aches and cold flu symptoms as well. For dietary requirements it is important to consume a teaspoon of honey about half an hour before meals.

When used topically manuka honey can be used to treat acne, wounds, bacterial and fungal infection. It has the ability to eradicate MRSA as well. Consumers can buy manuka honey from online stores that provide actual New Zealand based honey. Local stores also stock such honey however it is vital to check whether the honey is genuine manuka honey or not.