Manuka Honey: Origin And Cause Of Efficiency

Manuka Honey OriginManuka honey originated in New Zealand and is stated to be one of the oldest natural substances found on the planet. Its healing properties are extremely beneficial for the skin as well as body. In fact, when used as a natural treatment it is excellent to cure major ailments of the body. The treatment type ‘Apitherapy’ has been used by many different civilizations through centuries. These are being considered as incredible techniques for various uses. Scientists have already started to consider this amazing natural cure for various requirements of the body as well.

Manuka honey what is known as ‘active’ and has been accepted by the medical scenario in just the recent times. It is a natural substance and does not get expired as time soon. As long as it is stored properly and not exposed to too much of heat and light, it will last for several years. Certain products that do not use genuine manuka honey or are mixed with other ingredients may expire earlier.

It is recommended that manuka honey be consumed in 1-2 spoons regularly before a meal for excellent results. Manuka honey works well to prevent several ailments of the body. It can also be applied on the wound area directly however ensure that the portion is sterilized at first.

After having being researched for 10 years by Dr. Molan, manuka honey was stated to contain antibacterial and antioxidant properties which make it extremely superior. It is said to be devoid of no hydrogen peroxide content which is the major reason for its efficiency. Even when diluted over 100 times active manuka honey is said to retain its efficiency unlike normal honey. In fact, when stated to be used for medicinal usage it can treat several ailments of the skin like psoriasis and eczema.

Dr. Molan however founded the unique system which labeled manuka honey as active. All kinds of honey have a certain amount of antibacterial property. However, most of these use a natural hydrogen peroxide to accomplish this. This is usually broken down by heat and light making it inactive and unsuitable for therapeutic usage.

When using natural skin care products you are acquiring the benefit of indulging into the most effective natural antioxidants. This keeps your skin clean naturally.