Manuka Honey Skin Care Benefits For Acne

manuka honey skin benefits 2Manuka honey is stated to be a miraculous remedy for acne. So is there any truth to it? The good news is that there are evidences that establish such a fact. It can treat acne and is really an effective remedy.

There are many people who suffer from acne. It occurs at many stages and is basically an outcome of improper diet and hormonal changes.  Inefficient skin care regime also adds to the effect. There are certain facts that imply that manuka honey prevents clogging. In fact, manuka honey is the most powerful natural medicine known today. It has been clinically proven to cure wounds, infections, ulcers and other skin conditions as well.

The honey is antibacterial and anti-inflammatory in nature. It draws out impurities from highly infected and impure wounds. Manuka honey helps in reducing acne and prevents their outburst as well. The non-peroxide activity of honey makes it a powerful antibacterial agent. However, the statement that claims that manuka honey should not be used on acne for its sugar content is quite untrue. Manuka oil also works wonders to treat many skin issues like acne.

Manuka honey antibacterial properties eliminate the bacteria and help to draw out the impurities from the pores. It also invades the skin and reaches the dermis to stimulate the growth of new cells and accelerating wound closure that helps to reduce acne scars. In addition to its anti bacterial properties manuka honey also works well to help reduce acne redness associated with breakouts.

Some acne is caused by antibiotic resistant bacteria. This kind of acne is difficult to cure since it is not vulnerable to traditional form of treatment. It is interesting to know that manuka honey is excellent in treating long chains of antibiotic resistant strains of bacteria which makes it incredible to use in this form. However, sometime the boils associated with MRSA are mistaken with acne. These boils will not heal with traditional acne treatment but will wipe out with manuka honey.