Manuka Honey revelations: Scientists amazed!

Manuka HoneyMedical grade honey is produced in New Zealand and is popularly known as Manuka Honey since it is extracted from the bees of the manuka bush. It is equipped with extraordinary antioxidant properties known for its ability to heal wounds. Studies and research exhibits the fact that manuka honey effectively treats skin issues, tissue inflammation and infection. Manuka honey based creams are available in the market which makes its application much easier and is not as messy or sticky when applied to the skin directly.

The kind of manuka honey and its healing properties depend on the floral source it is derived from. Not all kinds of honey are eligible for therapeutic usage. It is definitely the only kind of honey suitable for medical purposes. The properties of manuka honey are so efficient that scientists have termed it as the most powerful natural antibiotic in the world.

Honey has been used as a potential healing agent for years now. In fact, it is stated to be used as medicinal dressings in the famous religious parchments as well. Manuka honey dressings have been used in wound care from the early days until the 20th century. However, with the advent of antibiotics in the 1930s, medical specialists began to think that these were more effective than honey. The emergence of antibiotic resistant strains of bacteria like MRSA has made the scientists to reconsider using the honey in modern medicine. Even consumers are considering the usage of manuka honey as a medicine. This is primarily due to the recent revelation of the effectiveness of manuka honey as a natural healer with no side effects.

Unfortunately the medicinal usage of manuka honey is grossly underutilized. With more such discoveries and scientific revelations this theory will only change. This effectiveness is applicable for manuka honey only and not the ordinary nectar available up the market shelves. Manuka honey is pure and is powerful than any other honey found on the Earth.

The popularity of manuka honey is stated to increase with time. It won’t be long enough that the properties of the honey make it travel from the kitchen to the medicine cabinet as well. Its ability to form a bio-film and act as a barrier protecting the bacteria from antimicrobial elements is the major cause of it being able to heal Staph infections where antibiotics have failed.