Manuka Honey: The Oldest Known Powerful Antioxidant In Nature

Manuka Honey - Clinical Trials

Nature has its own wonders in the form of ingredients which are enriched with immense goodness. These are natural substances that have been the most important for usage all these years. Even long ago civilizations existed due to the benefit of natural substances which is prevalent even now. When we speak of natural substances, the most important of all such ingredients is Manuka Honey popularly known as the “wonder drug”. This raw ingredient has immense health benefits. In fact, research establishes the fact that manuka honey is one of the powerful antioxidant in nature.

The evidence of the benefits of Manuka honey is known for quite some centuries now. It is found majorly in New Zealand and parts of Australia. This has earned it the popularity as a native medicine which has immense therapeutic usage even now. It was a popular natural substance used in beauty therapies by queens and princesses of the old era. In fact, Princess Cleopatra was said to be an ardent honey user and incorporated the natural substance in bath as well.

Manuka honey in the present scenario earned the status of being an excellent natural substance suitable for skin and body usage. However, the popularity of the honey received a setback with the advent of penicillin and other drugs. Even though these medicines worked well it was not resistant to some major strains of bacteria. These were however destroyed by Active Manuka Honey whose strong antibacterial properties are the extremely efficient.

Manuka honey is a natural substance found in the manuka bush. It originated ever since the existence of the earliest civilization known to mankind. Manuka honey is untouched and not prepared or extracted synthetically. This is the only kind of honey which is the strongest and exhibit immense health benefits. However, honey of any kind has little or some health benefits which exceed most medications in the case of manuka honey. Its efficiency is excellent to treat several ailments like throat infections, stomach and even ulcer. Manuka honey is known to be an effective treatment against superbugs like MRSA and eczema.